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It’s Disney. You’re gonna do some waiting no matter how well you plan. Waiting for food, for the parade, in line for a ride. If you want to turn those minutes into memories, I have just the thing for you! Our MousekaToy Kits are full of games, toys, and crafts that are age appropriate, compact, easy, and fun! Click here for more pictures!

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Don’t forget to leave me a note at checkout with your child’s name, age, favorite character, favorite color and trip dates. Enjoy!



Picture this. You’re waiting in line. He’s starting to whine. And you can’t even blame him. He’s tired of standing in line and you still have a ways to go. You pull out a game that’s fun for him, you and your hubby. The kids nearby are asking to play. Moms all around are giving you admiring glances.

They don’t need to know that it was super easy and it took you no time at all.


These activities are focused on keeping your child happy and having fun while waiting at Walt Disney World.

The items in the photos are examples of some of the activities that might come in YOUR customized MousekaToy Kit. I guarantee the quantity/value, but I sub in things that your kids will love. So if your little guy loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is still a little young for Star Wars, don’t worry. Just send me a note at checkout. Let me know age, gender and favorite character. My age range for the MousekaToy Kit is 1-12 years old. If you have a toddler who can’t handle small items, let me know that too. I will certainly accommodate!

I’m a mom. I have four little ones and I get it. Kids need to learn to wait patiently sometimes, but I’d rather teach them that skill while we’re at the grocery store, not on our vacation! Vacations are for fun and for spoiling them! I love being the mom who has it all together when I pull out a toy or craft and see my kids’ faces light up.

And since I am a mom, and do completely get it, you won’t find inconvenient items in any of my MousekaToy Kits. They are all small portable items, easy to play with and easy to put away.

None of my crafts need glue or contain glitter or anything messy. None of my toys are noisy. If you buy for more than one child, I choose the same colors so they don’t fight over the red car. 🙂

And Moms of multiple kids appreciate volume discounts. So if you’re buying two kits, use the code 10off2 for $10 off your second kit. If you’re buying three kits, use 20off3 for $20 off. And if you’re a crazy mom like me, buying four kits, use 40off4 for $40 off four kits! If you need any more than four, email me ( and we can work out a volume discount based on which kits you need.

For more than one child, you have a couple options:

1. You can just buy two/three/however many you need of the same kits and I’ll match your products (or make them similar if the age/gender is different. So your son might get a Star Wars pen while your daughter gets a Minnie one, for example. Or your 7 year old might get a Star Wars car while your two year old gets a Mickey car.)

2. You can buy one bigger kit and one smaller kit and I’ll make it so the bigger kit has items they can share and play with together.  like 4 cars to drive together, or a puzzle to put together, or a sticker book that will be fun for both/all kids. The bigger kit will also have the items that match the smaller kit. So you will end up with 2 smaller kits and additional items for them to share.

In any case, when there’s more than one child, I group the similar items together. So you’ll have something for each child you can slip into your park bag or purse.

A note about the Souvenir MousekaToy Kit:

You may not think that spending money now can save you money, but it’s absolutely true. The items that are in the Souvenir Kit will cost you about $12-$15 each at Disney World. I learned early to bring the kids something from home. I want to spoil them and make their trip magical, but I don’t want to spend their college money on Mickey Mouse stuffies. The Souvenir MousekaToy Kit has 6 items in it and can allow you to give them a surprise whenever you deem appropriate- for good behavior, each morning, each evening or just when they need a little magic, WITHOUT breaking the bank. This kit can be bought by itself or added to any other kit. The coupon codes count this as a kit so you can use them with this kit as well.

More info:

Everything in my kits have been tested by my kids- if they didn’t think it was awesome or if they only played with it for a few minutes, it didn’t make the cut.

Everything comes packaged conveniently so you can grab an activity or two and slip it into your purse or park bag. See here. You don’t need to worry about sorting pieces out. That’s all done for you! Everything will also come in groups with labels telling you when they are best for like: On the Plane, Waiting for Food, In Line, At the Airport, At the Hotel Room. You have enough on your mind, you don’t need to be thinking about toys!

I prefer Disney items, but sometimes I’ll choose something that’s not Disney if it’s awesome. That’s the exception, not the rule. It has to be pretty amazing to make the cut if it’s not Disney.

I’m also big on snacks that double as activities (like Pez, where they have to load the candy before eating it.) I also like to include some sort of lollipop for the poor little ears that have trouble adjusting on the plane. I usually only include one or two snack activities per kit. If you’d rather not have candy included in your kit, just leave me a note at checkout.

If you’re wondering if I have enough experience to pick out great items for your child, check out my About page here. I’ve been to Disney with kids an awful lot and I know what works!

Because I hate paying shipping when I shop, shipping is on me and always free.

If you have any questions or special requests, I always welcome your email at

Click here for more pictures!


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