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Some of the Many Topics Covered:

For me, these strategies mean I can go to Disney World once or twice a month. 

For you, they could mean you can go as often as me, or go sooner, or go twice or three times for what you had budgeted for once. 

This book could mean:

             Deluxe instead of Value,

             Table Service instead of Quick Service. 

             Signature Meals instead of hamburgers. 

             Onsite instead of off. 

             Flying instead of driving.

             Spending money in your pocket, instead of debt on your credit cards.

             Taking all your kids, instead of just choosing your favorite... Kidding!

1. You aren't getting 2% at your bank
2. 4 Websites You Need to Know About

3. Discounted Gift Cards (Think you know about this? Think again.)

4. Discounted Gift Cards 2.0

5. $550 for Disney, FAST!

6. $1200 CASH  (or $1500 towards Disney or airfare)

7. My Grocery Store Can Get Me to Disney? For 26.3% off?!?!?!?

8. Buying Disney at Big Box Stores

9. Annual Pass Savings Strategies (even if you go only once a year!)

10. Making Disney Resorts Affordable

11. Staying Deluxe for the Price of Moderate (or Value!)

12. Dining Plan Hacks- Eating High, but on the Cheap 

13. Saving on Travel

14. Disney Can Help You Pay Less Tax 

15. Saving on Life


There are also 4 Appendices dedicated to strategies for:

1. Saving the Most

2. Saving without Investing Tons of Time

3. Saving even if your Trip is Next Month...or Next Week.

4. Saving without Credit Cards

This book will save you money. Guaranteed.

LJ Johnson - Disney World Expert

I fell in love with Disney World in 2013. Since then, I've made it my mission to go back to Disney as often as possible. Moms are my true passion and helping them get to Disney is my way of supporting them. I've travelled to Disney from my home in Kentucky over 24 times in 2 years, usually with my four kids (ages 7, 5, 3 and 8 months) in tow. It took some creativity to spend over 120 days at Disney on an income that is below the median. Let me help you get there!

I hope you're ready to laugh and learn because that's what I'm about. The book is seriously helpful, but not overly serious. I've done all the math for you so you can concentrate on the strategy, not adding and subtracting. But I do show you how to do it, so if you're so inclined you can apply it to your own situation. This isn't information that you can glean from a casual search on Pinterest. I have been actively and passionately searching for money saving ideas for over four years. And I've added my own original money saving ideas (which I've never shared before). Plus, I've put it all together into a convenient, easy and fun to read package. Because I'm not about that dry-book reading life.

Throughout the book, I have two fictitious families: 

          The Smiths who are a family of four, doing Disney as inexpensively as possible and 

          the Robinsons who are a larger family, going all out, but doing it responsibly. 

We follow them through each strategy seeing how it effects their budget. Spoiler alert: both families save well over 50% by stacking certain strategies!

Whether you're the Smiths or the Robinsons, or maybe you're the Johnsons (we fall somewhere in the middle), this book is going to change your vacation. (And maybe your whole life. )

But You Don't Have to Take My Word For It!

I have a Facebook group where I've posted some (actually only very few!) of my strategies and helped moms with using them. I want to highlight that I've only shared a few strategies with the group because some of them are hard to convey over Facebook and need a chapter dedicated to them. Even with only sharing a few of my strategies, my group members have saved a lot of money. Here's what some of them had to say:

You want to give your children everything. 

You know how it feels when you can't do that. 

But this is not one of those times.

It's just not true that you can't afford to go to Disney World. 

Let's make this happen!